Our School Programme


In 2018 we launched a new initiative to get students engaged with local sporting opportunities through a programme of research, teamwork and creativity. Our programme is community wide, designed to mobilise and integrate community engagement with young people, to effectively increase their participation in sport.



CURRENT initiative

For some, particularly those from lower income households, school-based access forms the only opportunity for participating in sport activities. We want to change this.

Our programme aims to make young people aware of the sporting opportunities near them and facilitate those opportunities through investing our grants into organisations that can improve their lives - as chosen by them. We ask students to partake in a process of recognising what values they hold as individuals and what values can be found in sport to highlight the benefits of sport that are beyond physical.

Our goal is to connect young people in disadvantaged areas to sporting opportunities outwith school, in their community to benefit their local area and them as individuals.


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Student Feedback

The Break down:

  1. Pupils discover their values and values in sport.

  2. They identify what barriers to sports participation there may be in their local community.

  3. Pupils research what sporting organisations/opportunities there are near them.

  4. Each team chooses one organisation to interview based on their values and research.

  5. They discover what sporting opportunities the organisation offers and could potentially create with a grant to ensure greater pupil participation in sport.

  6. Teams create a demonstration based on their findings to show their class and judges.

  7. Three winners receive a £1000 grant for their chosen organisation and facilitate pupil participation with organisation.