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We represent a core belief that better futures are made by sport.

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In 2017/18, 240,000 children in Scotland were living in relative poverty.  

By 2021 it is predicted that more than 1 in 3 children in Scotland will be living in poverty. 

The Sporting Chance Foundation is here to champion better futures made by sport.



Today's society is dealing with some very real issues of inequality as well as child obesity and poor social behaviour amongst our youth; and this is in the face of some tough public spending cuts.

The Foundation is a vehicle that tackles equality issues head on.

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Sport has the unique ability to give young people a positive focus in life regardless of any other difficulties they face. Opening up a sporting pathway for a young person can positively impact their health and well-being. It can also improve self-esteem, promote social inclusion and integration, as well as provide opportunities to develop leadership and other social skills.



Missing out deprives young people of transformative opportunities.


We create grassroot solutions to meaningfully improve the lives of young people and their futures.


Of the young people who have taken part in the Sporting Chance Foundation projects to date:



SAID they know more about sports clubs and opportunities in their local community through OUR PROJECTS.


Three Quarters

expressed because of our projects they will now participate in sport in their local area.


7 in 10

Believed they had developed personal qualities through our projects.



said they will NOW care for their mental health and WELL-BEING through sport and EXERCISE.