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We represent a core belief that better futures are made by sport.

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In 2017/18, 240,000 children in Scotland were living in relative poverty.

By 2021 it is predicted that more than 1 in 3 children in Scotland will be living in poverty.

The Sporting Chance Foundation is here to champion better futures made by sport.



Sport can transform lives.

We believe sport can teach skills that make a difference at school, at work and in life. Patience, discipline, teamwork, resilience, leadership – sport teaches better skills that make a difference – that can help us do better at school, get qualifications or get into work.

At a time when our communities are under growing pressure, when it is easier to stare at a screen than play in the park, we are here to champion the power of sport and raise vital funds to support it.

How to win and to lose, how to work as a team and achieve on our own, how to lead and when to follow, how to be bold in our goals and to bounce back from our disappointments.

When life knocks us down it is sport that can help us back up. It’s not just about medals, fitness benefits and personal bests. It is about helping define who we are, how we grow and how far we go.



We all deserve an equal chance to thrive through sport.


To define who we are, how we grow and how far we go.

Of the young people who have taken part in the Sporting Chance Foundation projects to date:



said they know more about sports clubs and opportunities in their local community through our projects.


Three Quarters

expressed because of our projects they will now participate in sport in their local area.


7 in 10

believed they had developed personal qualities through our projects.



said they will now care for their mental health and well-being through sport and exercise.