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We represent a core belief that all young people, regardless of ability or social background, should have access to sporting opportunities.


Today's society is dealing with some very real issues over child obesity and poor social behaviour amongst our youth; and this is in the face of some tough public spending cuts. The Foundation is a vehicle that tackles these issues head on. Sport has the unique ability to give young people a positive focus in life regardless of any other difficulties they face. Opening up a sporting pathway for a young person may or may not lead them to becoming an elite athlete; but it will certainly play a very positive role in their life.


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37,387 of children in Glasgow city are living in low income households. [2]

Sport can play an important role in enhancing children’s health, safety and self-confidence.

Missing out or being able to participate only intermittently deprives young people of transformative opportunities.



Between 2014 and 2016, the percentage of children from the poorest household who played sport in the last week decreased. [1] According to the Scottish Government’s “Children in families with limited resources across Scotland 2014-2016” report, 17% of children in families in North Lanarkshire cannot afford to take part in sport/exercise activities. We hope to reach these children through our collaborations with local schools, organisations and individuals.



We want make to meaningful change through increasing the number of young people participating in sport.


[1] Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe),Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill, 2017.

[2] End Child Poverty (2016b)